Aims History Mission

Underpinning our work are a number of values, with which we are committed to pursuing and promoting:

  • Equal respect for everyone
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Respecting diversity and providing appropriate responses
  • Best quality in all work
  • Integrity and independence

Advancing Trans Equality

Gender Matters' staff, trustees and beneficiaries make a significant contribution towards advancing trans equality either individually or collaboratively. Through participation in surveys, research, meetings, online forums, seminars and in its partnership work and accredited training programme, GM pioneers and advocates for equality of opportunity for trans people. Highlighting issues that affect trans people is a key message delivered via an OCN accredited training course in trans awareness. The course will be available early in 2013, watch out for the launch.

Action programmes that raise awareness, programmes of education or campaigns, ultimately advance equality for the trans community.

Gender Matters is the only gender identity centre in the West Midlands and is used as a resource for training, information, advice and support for professionals wanting to increase their knowledge about the trans community.


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