Gender Matters have hosted a number of social activities, past events include:

  • Drop-in days
  • Dining out (various venues)
  • Events (police surgery, educational talks, general interest, etc.)
  • Nights out (various venues)
  • Photography sessions
  • Travel to events of interest
  • Quiz nights etc.

We have also organised a number of other events.

Thursday Drop-in
The last drop-in at our Wolverhampton based centre was 26th June 2014.


GM SOFFA group provides a supportive environment for Significant Others, Family, Friends, and Allies of those who are Trans: Transgender, Gender Variant, Gender Queer, Cross Dresser, Transvestite or any other non-standard gender identity. It is an opportunity to come together and provide support, advice and information.

Past Events include:

Summer Party 2013

Summer Party 2012

Christmas 2012


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