Fitness Programme

 Gender Matters was able to introduce a fitness programme with the help of funding from Comic Relief.

Accessing sports and leisure facilities can prove difficult for some members of the trans community and therefore opportunities to get or keep fit are quite a low priority.

 After consultation with the beneficiaries of GM, a series of mini projects was introduced. In addition to offering Wii Fit and yoga in house, we were also able to form a partnership with a local leisure centre who offered us sole use of their swimming pool and a dance/activity studio. Each week we were able to swim, do circuit training, aerobics and other fun activities.  Many of the beneficiaries were able to attend and gain from the experience. It is hoped that a similar project can be introduced in the near future.

Fitness club is back for you all. Fit club will take place once a week from October the 4th. The activities will take place from the Bert Williams leisure in Wolverhampton with the fitness programme to be confirmed shortly.

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