Creative Projects

Gender Matters has a unique range of creative projects that focus on putting Tran’s individuals at the forefront of developing themselves through a range of activities.

Artijen Project

The programme works with individuals will aspire to produce artwork that is reflective of the own lives of each participant and the passions that drive and inspire them.

This art based project has been designed with two points in mind firstly, to support emerging artists and the secondly, using art as a therapeutic tool. Conceptually, art can be used as a positive way allowing individuals to express themselves and any adversity that they had experienced.  The aim is to offer a platform for talented aspiring artists, who need a helping hand in developing a portfolio of artwork to showcase their art. Art is considered to be one of the most therapeutic ways of expressing your feelings and emotions.

This project also aims to give individuals the opportunity to produce artwork to exhibit as part of the Mapping My Journey Project and other suitable Projects.

The Artijen Project runs from 10am-12pm every Thursday from the GM Centre. The course tutor is Sara Taylor and he will support emerging artists in developing their artistic portfolios. Artijen is a place where creative people can come together to create art or mess and have fun in a relaxing environment. 
We can provide materials such as acrylics, oils, any drawing materials. Refreshments will be provided. 

The Project will see Gender Matters working in partnership with Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Translucent Fashion Show

GM is excited to be working with Shropshire College of Arts and Technology on a forthcoming fashion show. Friends and beneficiaries of GM are creating their own garments to present at the show scheduled for late spring 2013.

Are you creative?
Have you ever wanted to be a model?
Are you - or would you like to be - a seamstress, tailor or dressmaker?
Do you have a flare for event management, sound or light systems?
We will be utilising the skills of the students and the facilities of the college to help you develop your own skills in these - and others - areas.

The truly fantastic Tanslucent Fashion Show offers participants the chance to create a number of unique outfits that will be showcased at our end of spring shows in Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury. These Fashion Shows are specifically aimed at the Trans Community, with clothing designed, made and modelled by our beneficiaries.

This project is designed to equip individuals, with the skills needed to create and adapt clothing that they can wear. The project will have 6 planning sessions each week on Thursday from 2pm-4pm at the Gender Matters Centre. Participants will have input into how the Fashion Show will be developed and showcased.

The Technical dressmaking workshops will take place starting from August the 1 at the Gender Matters Centre, Wolverhampton WV6 8AB

The translucent fashion was introduced by Gender Matters but is now volunteer led. The fashion shows aims to show case designs that have been created specifically for the Transgender community.  The Project emerged as a result of feedback and a general lack of awareness of how to cater for the body shape of Trans individuals.

We are looking to recruit people that are passionate about transgender fashion and/or feel that they have the necessary skills such as:

·      Hairdressing

·      Dress-making

·      Make-up

·       Models

The Project runs weekly on Thursday's from 2pm-4pm from the Gender Matters Centre.

Introduction to Creative Writing

Who is this course for - You'll probably be the kind of individual who is interested in writing poems, short fictional stories or even your own story down in diary form. If this is you then read on!

Details of the group include:

1. Will be run at Gender Matters centre

2. Will be for approx. 1 1/2 hours over a four week period (Weds. afternoon)

3. Will be working on a different writing related subject each week (theory and practical)

4. Will require an element of 'homework'

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