Stonewall Meeting


Yesterday, Saturday, 30th August was the day of the 'Stonewall (England) and individuals from the trans* community', meeting in London.

A brief historical synopsis (Sherrie style), if anyone is wondering what all the fuss is about: Currently Stonewall are an LGB organisation (see Stonewall website - "the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity"), and so historically, in basic terms, not an LGBT organisation, with much being made of the lack of 'T' in Stonewall, and so on. But as with everything, 'times they change', and yesterday, was as some are saying 'the first step', whilst others add, 'historic day'.

There's many accounts on-line, and at least one page on Facebook and Twitter pages. Therefore, I'll not bore anyone with any, 'tomfoolery', cutting and pasting, the work of if you're interested see the first hand accounts.

So although there's much chatter, various accounts from yesterdays' meeting with Stonewall, all of which appear to express a similar sentiment, in one form or another, that it was a positive meeting. Much is yet to be done, this is one of a number of activities/engagements, designed to engage with individuals from the community, not just activists, campaigners, leaders, etc., and according to many of those who attended, and with particular reference to those who wish to participate, everyone is welcome to join in the process. For anyone with doubts, in my opinion, no one has been appointed to represent you, and your views matter, and to quote:

From the Stonewall website page: 'We'd like to hear from you too. You can send us an email below or call 08000 50 20 20 and someone will give you a call back. If you've written a blog, please do send us the link. We want to hear about what you think the next steps are to achieve equality for trans people and the role that Stonewall might be able to play. We promise to keep you updated as conversations progress.'


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