Pics from the Artijen Shrewsbury College art group


The Artijen Project took place today at Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology from 9am-11am. 12 Students attended this session and we received fantastic feedback from how accessible the project is to the students.

The students were enthusiastic and created an additional portrait and text to supplement last week’s first image. This course really has the students engaged with the concept of creating an image based on their perception of self.

Students produced a portrait with text detailing what the portrait symbolised on a personal level.

A list was created for equipment that they wanted to be made available for future sessions.

Sara Taylor will return next week to offer additional support that will allow students to create their Artijen Portfolio’s.

Please note further Artijen sessions will take place from 9.30am-11.30am every Friday at room EC3 at the Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology

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