Mapping My journey - 5 days left


Doesn't time fly, there's only five days left until, the exhibition closes. Yet it only seems like yesterday, that we arrived at the museum, carrying our 'wears' but then, the fun really began, painting the walls and ceilings red (I've seen video footage of this somewhere), to name but one of the tasks, we undertook. 

Hanging some and holding other panels but, not at the same time that'd have been silly (even for me). Arranging the contents in the display cabinets, gradually watching the exhibition coming together and only then did we find out that the DVD player didn't work, oh the joys of old technology...

The few days before the opening, those stimulating, exhilarating, overwhelming, intoxicating heady days, yet the time just flies by and now we have only the six days, I'm sure, I'll look back in years to come, with a smile, so once more, a big thank you to all those that contributed, those that have attended and those who've posted, those that have written articles, tweeted, the speakers at the launch, those that have passed on details, circulated leaflets, left comments at the museum, sent email messages, etc. a big thank you, from me.

I have to admit that it turned out to be, one of the most exhausting periods of my time at GM but, I wouldn’t have missed it, not for a million pounds, so what's next, I do wonder?

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