Gender Matters welcomes two placements from the British Transport Police


The Gender Matters team welcomed two placements to the Gender Matters Centre from the 9-12 of September. This placement saw the candidates receive training, information and awareness around the Trans community. The candidates have shown great enthusiasm and commitment to learning as much as possible about the services that we provide at the charity.

Here are some exerts from the placement’s regarding their experience of being on placement at Gender Matters.

‘When considering diversity and equality the first thing which springs to mind is race, religion and disability, the transgender community is often overlooked upon which can distance the community further. Whilst on placement I have been privileged to witness the number of services that Gender Matters has to offer for the Trans community, The services can vary and are often tailored to the needs of each user which may include one to one counselling to weekly drop in sessions within a relaxed environment to help reduce marginalization or any other issues they may be suffering. Professionalism and confidentially is priority within this organisation which also reflects within the location, the friendly team of individuals here at Gender Matters will be more than happy to assist with any issue’s that the Trans community may be facing. ‘

British Transport Police recruit called Kamran

‘Chelsey and the team at Gender Matters provide a fantastic, safe environment for members of the Trans Community and their families. The help, support and advice is possibly the best provided in the Midlands, if not the UK.

On top of the amazing support that Gender Matters offers, they also provide training for external companies and individuals to help bring Trans Awareness to the front of everyone’s mind.

During my four day placement with Gender Matters, I have come to realise the shocking truth of some of the prejudices and other issues that the Trans Community face on, sometimes, a daily basis.

With the knowledge and understanding I have gained from the team, I feel confident that I can now have a positive effect on the lives of members of the Trans Community, their friends and families. ‘

Placement Matt from the British Transport Police

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