Gender Matters is organising an Easter themed drop-in session on March the 28


The Easter Bunny Drop-in session will take place at the GM centre on Thursday the 21 of March

There will be snacks available on the day. We awill be providing lemon Drizzle carrot cake, Cupcakes, mini chocolate bunnies, sweets and hot-cross buns.

Gender Matters will be holding an Easter themed celebration at the GM centre next Thursday on the 28 of March from 12-9pm

The theme of the day is wear any item/s of yellow clothing

All proceeds from the day will contribute towards the continued support work that is delivered by our charity.

Join us for the

Design an egg competition

It’s £1 per entry and we’re asking you to create an egg like no other. Crafts, pens, and scissors will all be made available on the day alongside one egg per participant.

Can you estimate how many eggs are in the jar?

You get the chance to predict how many eggs are in the jar. We charge 50p for each guess and the winner takes home a lovely prize.

Bunny bingo

There are six games of bingo; the first five games have a prize of an Easter egg for the winner of each line and a cuddly toy for a full house. The last round comes with a price of £1 as the winner receives an adorable cuddly toy! 

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