Gender Matters future at the Mill House


A number of people have recently asked about the future funding of Gender Matters, so rather than leaving this to the 'good old-fashioned grapevine', we'll respond here, as follows:

The current funded projects come to an end in mid-July and, as many of you may know, these are tough times for charities such as Gender Matters. With so many charities and third sector organisations facing an uncertain future, and funders having to deal with large numbers of applications, the trustees have faced a number of tough decisions. However, Gender Matters will continue as a charity.

The charity is reliant on funding to provide services, the trustees have discussed what happens after the current funded projects come to an end, we would like to stress that the end of the current funded projects does not mean the end of Gender Matters.

Faced with the ending of the funding for the current projects and in an effort, to refocus on the future of the charity, we have taken the decision that the charity will no longer be based at the Mill House.

Counselling, will be available from an alternative location. Details to be published shortly.

Additionally, the last drop-in will be on the 26th June 2014.

After the 17th July, people can still contact Gender Matters either via email or by telephone (answered between certain hours), the website and various social media outlets.

As previously mentioned counselling will after the 17th July 2014, be available from an alternative location.

And finally an offer to our fellow support organisations within the West Midlands.
There are a number of other charities/third sector organisations, within the local area (West Midlands, etc.) who currently provide excellent services to the community and we are more than happy to talk to representatives about any additional services they may now look to provide to the community and if they require any assistance, etc. we will be available to discuss, or provide assistance wherever possible.

As we’ve previously stated, this is not the end of Gender Matters but of the current funded projects.

Yours sincerely
Gender Matters

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