Elly Barnes delivered a great session today at Shrewsbury College to the LGBT group of students and members of staff


Today there was a great turnout for Elly Barnes session at the Shrewsbury College Of Art And Technology which was held from 10.30am-12.30pm. A massive thanks to Elly Barnes who delivered a thought-provoking and interesting session on bringing LGBT content into colleges. Elly provided a sound introduction to embedding LGBT content into the curriculum, for teachers and students alike. A big thanks to Shrewsbury College and in particular Gina Cusack who provided refreshments and support for all of the attendees on the day. The session was also attended by teachers from the College who took an active role in today's session. This will allow us to continue to also provide much needed insight into the Trans community also, which helps to support students in the future who may question their gender identity.

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