The Big Bash auction at Gender Matters on 26th June


Check out our online auction catalogue. The Big Bash auction is taking place on Thursday 26th of June from 6pm-7.30pm. We are selling a number of items so don’t miss out on getting yourself a bargain.

Going, going, gone! The 'committee’ (well the Trustees) have given me permission to auction off a few 'things' from the Mill House.
You know, the sort of things, those wonderful bucket seats, coffee tables, television and anything else that I can get my hands on. This is to raise money for Gender Matters.
The auction will take place on the 26th June at about 6pm so, auction items will be put on sale, people place bids on individual lots and the highest bid wins, 'simples'.
As I say, any money raised will go to GM. The rules are simple and can be summarised, as follows:
Items can be viewed prior to the auction. Ensure you've got the cash to pay for the item otherwise, you can't have it! You'll have seven days in which to pay for item or items (won in the auction) and collect (no 'free' home deliveries, Oh no! that'll cost more!) and, payment in cash. Items are sold as seen. Some items will have a reserve price (meaning that if the reserve isn’t reached then the item will be withdrawn from the auction).And finally; the 'management' reserve the right, to withdraw items.

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