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Gender Matters Charitable Objects

  • To improve the health, well-being and confidence of trans people by providing support and advice for them, their family and friends.
  • To provide a support service to facilitate, through staff, volunteers and peers, the provision of counselling and social interactions.
  • To advance equality and reduce discrimination and harassment by supporting other organisations to improve their services and their interactions with trans people.

The work carried out by GM is vitally important because, whilst the transgender community is considered to be a marginalised minority, it is a very significant minority (1% of the population) .

The community naturally requires support and encouragement enabling self-empowerment to feel worthy, allowing individuals to feel valued, who can then participate and productively contribute to the benefit of society. It is our belief at GM that enabling empowerment of individual trans people in this manner has long term benefits and a positive effect with regards to ongoing costs in areas such as health and social wellbeing.


Gender Matters is currently encouraging applications from people who would consider themself to be either a member of, or an ally to, the trans community, looking to volunteer their time and experience, or serve as a trustee of the charity.

Gender Matters wins award

Midlands Zone Readers' Awards 2013 at The Pride Ball, GM awarded 'Outstanding LGBT Contribution', the award cerminony was held at The ICC in Birmingham on Friday 15th March 2013.

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